Holistic massage (body and face) 50 min. €65.00

It is called holistic because it treats the body in every aspect and evaluates every single need, that is, it considers man as a union of body, mind and spirit. It therefore acts on the physical, psychic and emotional sphere. Techniques range from brushing to pressure and kneading. The treatments are adapted to individual personal needs, promoting the restoration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Relaxing massage (body and face) 50 min. €65.00

Light and enveloping, rapid and rubbing movements promote deep relaxation and the awakening of vital energies with an anti-stress effect.

Localized massage – 25 min. €35.00

Massage that focuses on a choice of the following areas: back with relaxing effect, legs and buttocks with draining effect, head, neck and face with draining anti-stress effect, feet with anti-fatigue effect (hygiene is recommended)

Leg lymphatic drainage – 50 min. €65.00

Gentle treatment that involves the microcirculation and deep lymphatic circulation by carrying out a rebalancing action on the flow of lymph, allowing the vessels and tissues to “empty” themselves of the load of toxins through particular pressures. Useful against the imperfections of cellulite and swelling of the legs.

Californian massage (long massage) 75 min. € 89.00

The Californian massage can be simply defined as one of the most fascinating, engaging, pleasant, sensorial, effective and complete. From the head, including the scalp, to the feet, it is the massage that more than any other insists on the notion of contact. This massage combines the work done on the muscular, lymphatic and circulatory systems

Hot Stone Massage (long massage) 75 min. €89.00

The power of hot lava stones with slow, enveloping movements that relax and unwind, dissolving tensions in the body and mind, with an extraordinary harmonizing and energizing effect (preferably in the cold season)


Wine therapy – 50 min. € 69.00

The polyphenols of wine, antioxidant agents, help keep the body young; the grapes and the substances contained in them have a beneficial effect on the skin, giving it elasticity and rejuvenating it, with an exfoliating, oxygenating, detoxifying and toning effect.

Chocolate therapy – 50 min. € 69.00

A softening, sculpting, draining and anti-stress chocolate treatment is a stimulating experience, almost a sin of gluttony with the difference that the calories remain on the skin.

Treatment with honey and royal jelly 50 min. € 69.00

With oil and exfoliant based on honey, beeswax, propolis and royal jelly; hyper-nourishing and super-moisturizing treatment, particularly suitable for dry and dehydrated skin; multivitamin and reconstructive of the hydro-lipid film

Anti-cellulite mud – 50 min. € 69.00

Aesthetic treatment with anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, firming and draining action for the legs, abdomen and buttocks.


Purifying – rebalancing treatment 55 min. € 60.00

Personalized treatment to remove skin blemishes on the face; for skins with aesthetic problems of impurities, dryness, opacity, occlusion, sensitivity of the skin (could include, if necessary, the use of steam and/or manual squeezing of comedones).

Illuminating treatment with Goji Berries 55 min. € 65.00

Goji Berries contain a multi-vitamin complex (vitamin B, C, E, Zinc, Selenium, Germanium, Magnesium and Omega 3 and 6) which performs an important antioxidant action and contrasts free radicals, protecting the face from pollutants, leaving the skin nourished and luminous. Complete treatment that includes a deep and relaxing massage of the facial expressions.



Bathrobe hire 5,00 €

Slippers for sale 5,00 €