Holistic massage: 50 min. € 50.00
It is called holistic because it treats the body in every way and evaluates every single need, that considers man as a union of body, mind, spirit. then it acts on the physical sphere, mental and emotional.
The techniques range from the touch pressure. Treatments are tailored to the needs of different patients, helping to restore the physical, mental and spiritual.

Ayurvedic massage: 60 min. € 60.00
The essential oils and the enveloping movements encourage deep relaxation and stress at the same time an awakening of vital energy going to rebalance the 7 chakras of the body. It is the body in every way and evaluates each individual need, thus involving the massage action all structures of the body, from outside to inside, from the physical all’energetico; find out if you are a person Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

Kembiki massage: 50 min. € 60.00
Based on ancient Japanese techniques, this massage by the draining effect it stimulates the blood circulation and favors the reabsorption of lactic acid while relaxing and relieving tensions with deep movements of distension of the muscular bundles indirectly improving also the posture. Especially suitable for people with good musculature and for those who enjoy regular physical activity.

Lymphatic drainage Legs: 50 min. € 55.00
Gentle treatment according to the Menarini method that involves the microcirculation and the deep lymphatic circulation carrying out a rebalancing action on the flow of the lymph allowing the vessels and the tissues to “empty” of the load of toxins through particular pressures. Useful against cellulite blemishes and leg swelling.

Stone Massage (hot stone massage): 75 min. € 80.00
The power of lava stones is combined with that of the ayurvedic massage: slow and wrapping movements that relax and relax, dissolving the tensions of the body and mind, with an extraordinary harmonizing and balancing effect. With the Chakra Stone Massage rebalances the flow of positive energy, neutralizing the negative energy and restoring the harmony between body and mind.

Localized massage: 25 min. € 30.00
Massage that focuses on the following areas: legs or abdomen and hips with draining, or back with relaxing effect.

Foot Reflexology: 25 min. € 30.00
The feet have an extraordinary wealth of nerve endings with a reflex action on the whole organism. With a massage technique in which you use your thumbs you can restore the lost balance, preventing and “treating” many ailments, restoring a general accompanied by a gentle massage spa

………..BODY TREATMENTS……………………

Chocolate massage: 50 min. € 65.00
soothing massage and “greedy” which exploits the properties of cocoa; has a positive effect on mental concentration and psycho-physical readiness, acting on the cardiovascular and muscular level (anti-oxidant power of flavonoids contained in cocoa beans that improve cardiovascular function); massage that embraces you with antidepressant and analgesic action.

Californian massage: (long massage) 75 min. € 80.00
The Californian massage it can be defined simply as one of the most charming, engaging, enjoyable, effective and complete sensual. And ‘the massage that more than any other insists on the notion of contact. This massage combines western elements, such as the work done on the muscular system, circulatory and lymphatic and the Eastern concepts of the reactivation of the energy centers and the energy exchange between the person making the massage and those who receive it ..

Mud body: 50 min. € 60.00
aesthetic treatment with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, relaxant on the apparatus musculoskeletal. To deeply detoxifying and relaxing effect on the muscular system, anti-cellulite or firming adjuvant.

Wine therapy: 50 min. € 65.00
After a scrub with a mixture of sea salt, vegetable oils and of wine and red grape extract, it is performed a gentle massage to favor the absorption of the cream based on grape and wine. Their own wine polyphenols, antioxidants, help keep the body young; grapes and substances contained in it have a beneficial effect on the skin, giving it elasticity and ringiovanendola with oxygenating, detoxifying and invigorating.

Choco-therapy: 50 min. € 65.00
The chocolate treatment modeling and stress is a challenging experience, almost a sin of gluttony with the difference that the calories remain on edge. It starts with the choc-scrub, followed by a chocolate-cream with an enveloping fragrance, helping to shape the forms. You end up with a light massage with chocolate oil.

Treatment with honey and royal jelly: 50 min. € 65.00

After a soft scrub made from sea salt and velvety, sweet almond oil and honey, executes a gentle massage to facilitate the absorption of the cream made from honey, beeswax, propolis and royal jelly; hyper-super-nutrient and is particularly suitable for dry, dehydrated skin;
much vitamin and reconstruction of the lipid film.



Face masks: 30 min. € 30.00
Application of a mask that can be chosen by the operator based on your preferences in the type of skin (Clay, Clay and Algae, Firming, Purifying, Hydrating, Lifting effect …)

Facial massage: 25 min. € 30.00
facial massage technique to eliminate swelling and offers a relaxation of mimic muscles of the face

Traditional facial cleaning: 50 min. € 50.00
based treatment to remove the unsightly facial skin; for skin with aesthetic problems of impurities, bad coloration and acne

Facial treatment with Goji Berries 55 min. € 60.00
The Goji Berries contain a multi-vitamin complex (vitamins B, C, E, Zinc, Selenium, Germanium, Magnesium and Omega 3 and 6) which plays an important antioxidant action and contrast of free radicals (cause of skin aging), protecting the face from polluting agents, leaving the skin nourished and radiant.
Complete treatment, all based on the precious Goji Berries that have the characteristic of containing a high concentration of the active ingredient for a high efficacy on skin and organism.





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